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Related article: Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2001 01:41:15 -0700 (PDT) From: Syd. V Subject: Affleck Cruises Matt.Hi! This is my first shot at a celebrity erotic story.This does not reflect the sexuality of either Matt Damon,Ben Affleck and Tom Cruise. It is a work of complete fiction and has been the subject of my fantasies fior a long time.I'd love to hear from you guys about how you liked this. Probably I'll improve upon next time round,if you guys want another one that is.So write to me at Enjoy!Matt Damon was sitting on his couch distractedly watching TV. Today was his birthday. He got the usual phone calls, letters, flowers and e mails from his fans all over the world. His agent had even arranged a sexy strip show for him featuring Manpower Australia, the sexy hunks Preteen Art from Australia. They did everyting from rubbing their crotches into his face to sitting on his lap and gyrating seductively. Normally this was enough for him to whip out his schlong and feed them dinner through his fat long straw. But today it did not work. The hunks were left to play with themselves and Matt went to his bedroom to wait for his buddy Ben Affleck.He had known Ben since his childhood. They had their first kiss together. When they started discovering sex they even had that together. Matt had first learned how wonderful cum tastes after Ben's first orgasm went straight into his mouth.They fucked girls all through college even being involved in foursomes and orgies but their true feelings were for each other. Earlier on they were confused and bothered about homosexuality and thought that it was just limited to jacking off and sucking each other off. After high school they were surrounded with hot girls and guys but they had eyes only for the guys. More so for each other than for anyone else around them. It was a little later that they decided to be a couple. They had done most things together. They even won their first oscar together. All these thoughts went through Matt's mind as he waited for Ben.He was getting impatient and disappointed. Ben had promised him a special surprise for the evening and had left in the afternoon to get it for him.Matt had envisioned him spending all day fucking and sucking with Ben. But now he was all alone with a raging hard on and nowhere to put it into. Just as he was about to put on a gay video and start jacking off the door bell rang. He stuffed his boner into his boxers put on his bathrobe, just in case it was someone else, and raced to the door. He desperately hoped that it was Ben and his surprise gift.It was indeed Ben.His big, handsome, sexy Ben. He walked in and without saying a word opened his robe and started sucking on his nipple,"Happy Birthday,babe.You're hot, hope you're ready to meet you're gift." Matt was so hot he could'nt say a word. He simply nodded. Ben slid the robe of his shoulders and hollered "Come in."Matt was there standing with one hand in his boxers and in all his wildest dreams would not have imagined what he was seeing before his eyes. Before him stood Tom Cruise. Ever since he could remember he had jerked off thinking about making passionate love to him.Countless times he had blasted his cum on his posters and then licked it off. Tom had invaded thousands of his fantasies and now that he was right there, in front of him, his special gift, his toy to do anything with as he plesed and he could not say a word. He did not have to say anything. Tom just walked in and kissed him. What a fantastic way to start the evening. Tom didn't just kiss Matt. He made love to his mouth. Matt had never been so throughly kissed. He grabbed a handful of Tom's crotch. It was hard and really big. He gave himself to those two beautiful men. Ben moved behind Matt and started to kiss and bite his shoulders. Matt was in heaven. He was sandwiched between two of the most sought after hunks in the world.Tom moved his way down to Matt's groin and pulled down his boxers releasing his 7.5" rod. He pulled it down and let it slap back against his stomach.Behind him Ben was pressing his hard cock into his ass. Ben was kissing his mouth from behind and Tom took all of his manhood into his hungry mouth. Ben moved aside to the couch and started watching the two. Tom was sucking real hard, his teeth scraping on the underside of Matt's penis making him moan and squirm with delight. "Fuck my mouth, baby, do it now" Tom moaned, his mouth full of Matt's cock. Matt started moving his hips slowly at first then rapidly. His dick was banging against the back of Tom's throat. He thought Tom would choke so with some concern he looked down.What a sexy sight beheld him. There was Tom Cruise, object of millions of fantasies around the world munching on his dick like a high priced whore.He asked Ben to get his camcorder so that he could film this. "I'm so close, I'm comin, babe". Matt was delirious with pleasure. Tom increased the pressure bobbing hid mouth even faster on Matt's dick. The sight of Tom's head movin up and down on Matt's cock got Ben real horny. He stopped filming and started jerking off near Tom's face. Matt was moaning real hard now." Here I go baby, It's all yours.Oh yeeeaaahhh!!!!!" And he unloaded an incredible amount of jism into Tom's mouth. Tom's greedy mouth meanwhile swallowed every single drop.His sweat filled face was etched with desire. He was licking Matt's cock like a lollipop, slurping away all the remaining drops of cum.Ben was still jerking off all the while kissing Matt. A few seconds after Matt unloaded. Ben too came with a huge spurt on Tom's face. Tom closed his eyes and received with pleasure a glorious cum wash. He spurted his cumm at least five times and by the time he was done Tom's face was covered with pearly white silt. Tom procedeed to lick it off bur Matt stopped him. He started moving his middle finger around Tom's face till his finger was slick with Ben's cum. He ran his finger under Tom's nose and he sniffed hungrily. He took the entire finger into his mouth and sucked like it was the last meal he'd ever have.Ben too, started licking Tom's face and after he was done he kissed Tom. Matt joined in too, the three of them sharing in the sexual aftermath. Tom's face glowed with semen and saliva as he reminded them that he hadn't come yet. "That's why you're here, dude." said Ben."You're gonna be up all night," rubbing his cock around Tom's face he continued,"You're gonna get on your knees, You're gonna suck and fuck and fulfill all of Matt's desires. That's why you're here babes" "What are we waiting for then. Ravish me, Matt" Matt could not stand it. They decided to move to the bedroom. Ben picked up the camera,"I'm gonna get this all on tape.Matt honey, Be prepared for a real hard Preteen Art night".The three of them went upstairs to Matt's bedroom.Tom's cock was still rock hard and he put on the sultriest, sexiest look on his face and started taking off his clothes. Ben sat aside filming the the action.. Tom moved towards Matt, all the time taking off a lil bit of his clothing and started rubbing the underside of Mtt's cock sending shivers all through his body. Matt was in heaven. He felt safe in Tom's hands. He was older,more mature and more experienced than he was. It made him open himself to Tom easier."It feels so good to have you stroking my cock."Matt moaned. Tom withdrew his hand and put it behind his back and yanked his sweaty T-shirt off. He kicked off his shoes, then rolled off his pants and socks. Matt could now see the huge bulge of man meat in Tom's shorts. "This is a real man." he said to himself. Gyrating his hips slowly he took off his boxers revealing an incredibly hard 9" schlong.Tom suggested a shower but Matt talked him out of it. "Your hot sweat on a real man like you is a real turn on for me. I've been dreaming of licking the sweat off you ever since I first saw you on screen" he whispered into Tom's ears.He grabbed some fruit juice off the side table and threw it all over Tom's chest. Juice dripped down his chest, all over his cock down Preteen Art his legs. The mixture of sweat and juice making him look real sexy. His hair was slick with sweat, his nipples stood out, begging to be sucked. Matt slowly started licking it off.He started slowly trailing down the middle of his chest, he reached his navel and stuck his tongue into it. Tom drew a sharp intake of breath as he urged Matt on,"Yeah baby,lick me all over. Make give daddy a bath." Matt purposely, to tease Tom, avoided his groin and kissed and licked him down his legs. He reached his toes and lovingly sucked each toe into his mouth one at a time. Then he threw Tom across the bed and licked and tickled the underside of Tom's feet. He reached right up and began to french kiss him for a while.Tom was real horny by now. He put his hand on Matt's head shoving his head toward his dick, he bellowed"make me come fast,u bitch. If you do that,I'll be able to fuck you all night long." Matt thought this to be a little strange but he was not the one to complain.And he did'nt have much of a choice because there was Tom's delicious stick waving itself one inch from his face.He relented for a while and went back to kissing his chest with soft little pecks. He used his tongue to slide over to his armpit. He inhaled deeply and licked off the warm sweat that lingered under his arms. He worked his way down to his belly and pressed his face against his hard, flat sexy stomach.Breathing deeply, he took a firm hold of Tom's penis and before he knew it he was sucking cock like a cheerleader on prom night. He swirled his tongue around his big,purple cockhead.Ben, meanwhile Preteen Art was filming all the action. He had a tough time putting down the camera and joining in the action. His 8 incher was positively glowing with precum. But this was Matt's day.So he just started shafting himself. He licked the precum of his fingers and moaned at the sight of Tom grabbing Matt's head roughly, pulling him towards his groin. Tom was really feeding him that big pole. Matt sucked deeper and faster. He loved the slurping sound of his mouth as it moistened Tom's dick. He took a finger and shoved it slowly into Tom's wet asshole. He slowly inched it all the way in. Tom was delirious with passion. He tightened his butthole around Tom's finger, bit his lips and squeezed his face into an expression of pain and satisfying anguish.A few grunts later, his hot jizz erupted all over Matt's face. The force of the blast took Matt by surprise. It was the biggest load that he had ever taken. His face was covered with cumm but here was still enough for him to swallow. Tom got up and went to the bathroom.Matt, his face dripping with cum walked over to Ben. They kissed as they shared Tom's cock cream between them. "Thank You lover." Matt said."I'll never forget this.This is the best gift ever. I love you so much." Ben was flushed with happiness as he just looked in Matt's eyes and licked the cum off his lover's face."You're so beautiful.Anything for you,sweetie."He saw Tom walking out of the bathroom and said"But you better refuel right now coz there's a lot more to come. You're gonn abe up all night" and he pushed his lover to Tom who was waiting to be served and continued filming.. Matt lay on the bed for Tom to use him like no one had ever before.He saw that Tom had returned from thr bathroom with a lil lubricant. Tom climbed on the bed and told Matt to turn over. Then he spread his legs open with his hands and spread loads of K-Y all over his asshole. Matt could feel Tom's semi hard dick brush up against his thigh. He started quivering all over. "I wish he were rougher with me" Tom said to himself. He did not want this night to end too soon. Matt wanted to be taken brutally. So he put his foot on Tom's shoulder and pushed him away from the bed. "If you want it, come get it." he said to Tom who was spralwed on the floor. "You want it rough then, u sissy" said Tom.Matt smiled and ran out of the room downstairs to the kitchen. Tom chased after him ,followed by Ben who was excited with all the action he was getting to film. Tom caught Matt at the kitchen counter.He caught him by the arm and pushed him against the counter. This was the sort of lusty treatment that Matt wanted. He grabbed both his wrists and bent him over the counter."You want rough. I'll give you rough", he growled.He procedeed to kick Matt's ankles apart with his foot. Before Matt had time to even think about how it would be to have his dick inside him, Tom rammed his 9" marvel of nature into Matt's pink, puckered asshole. He rammed it home, crunching his hips against Matt's ass. Matt wanted to cry out from the pain but after he was pumped a few times it did not feel bad at all.Tom had his hands on his waist and was sliding his ass onto his steel hard prick. Matt didn't want Tom to do all the work so he started moving his ass up and down. He could feel every vein and ridge of Tom's cock as it moved into him. He pushed his head back in pleasure and Tom started to kiss and suck on his neck. Matt moaned with pleasure and started moving his ass harder and faster and with power. He was gaining experience with every stroke.Ben who was still filming, was feeling left out. While Preteen Art continuing to record all the steamy action he went to the refrigirator and got a few ice cubes. He slowly rubbed this all over Matt's body. He moved the ice all around his nipples and they became harder than he ever thought the could become. He moved the ice all over Matt's rock hard torso. He slowly lowered the cube to his cockhead and Matt gave out a real loud moan of pleasure."Fuck, you guys are gonna kill me!! Shit!!! Ohhhh Yeahhhhhhh!!!More... yeah baby...fuck!!!Ahhhh!!!Yea Ben oooooohhhh." Ben moved the cube across his balls eliciting even more groans from Matt whose knees were buckling from pleasure. He took another cube of ice and moved it across Matt's ass cheeks. He slowly moved it towards his asshole which was being furiously pumped by Tom.It felt great fot Tom to feel the heat of Matt's butthole as he went in and the cool of the ice as he came out.All three were sweating real hard."Yeah Tom, gimme more. Harder. Yea."."You heard the guy, Tom. Shove it into him like a tornado. Make him scream.", Ben moaned. He Preteen Art went back to filming the heat all around him.Twenty minutes went by and Matt was still doggie-styling Tom with his ass. Ben was jerking his rod furiously too.Tom started breathing harder again and Matt knew it was time for him to come again.He took Matt's cheeks in his hands and began to hammer the fuck out of him. Matt swung around, pushed him away and ran back to the bedroom in an attempt to make this last.On the way he grabbed Preteen Art a jar of honey lying on the counter.Tom ran after him, furious, followed by Ben. They both raced after Matt, their dicks waving wildly in the air. Tom was mad. He reached the bedroom, backed Matt against the wall. He kept stroking his erection to keep up his erection. "You're gonna get it now", he said with an evil grin on his face."You've teased me for the last time, you bitch." The sweet, innocent looking Tom Cruise did have a dark side after all. Matt was in heaven.Just then Matt noticed a jump rope on the floor.Both looked at it at the same time.Tom knew what Matt was thinking and they both lunged for it. Tom came up the winner. He dragged him to the bed and slammed him facedown on the bed."Yeah dude!Fuck, this is amazing.Ahhhhhhh!!"Matt yelled. He was loving this abuse. Ben was still there filming all this.In one hand Tom had the jump rope and with the other hand he was stroking his prick. Matt drooled at the sight.The cockhead was purple and oozing loads of precum.He just wanted a taste of it. How he longed for it!"You're gonna get it now.",Tom said,"I'm going to fuck the taste out of your mouth."He raised his voice and yelled"You're gonna get fucked hard this time baby."he screamed as he crawled across the bed toward Matt.Matt lay back and let him lay on top of him.He grabbed the back of his hair,pulled hard against his face and said,"I'm gonna fuck the shit outta you." Matt started to french kiss him. Tom grabbed the jar of honey and emptied the sticky honey all over Matt's dick. In no time Matt's dick grew back to it's full size. The honey oozed down his hard pole and huge balls. Tom knew this was gonna be the best desert he ever tasted.He said"Has anyone ever done this to you, Matt?" "No,"Matt whispered so softly, that Tom knew that he had him right where he wanted him. He started sucking his dick and balls like a madman. Tom had sticky honey all over his face from rubbing it into Matt's groin. His dick was real hard and it damm well tasted good.He started to deep throat Matt. All Matt could feel was tongue and throat. This was the first time anyone had done this to him.After a couple of more deep throat plunges he started to come. "Oh...yes!" He moaned as he released his cream into Tom's mouth. Tom hungrily licked every drop. The mixture of honey and semen tasted damm good.It was the best desert he'd ever had.Tom was still sucking on Matt's cockhead. It had become so sensitive Matt was thrashing all over the bed and with a sudden burst of strength he pushed Tom off and fell to the floor.Ben ,who was capturing all the action was screaming,"Let's see you fuck him,Tom. Give it to him in the ass. Empty your big load into that lil hole of his." Ben was furiously stroking himself making it real difficult to keep filming. But he wanted to get it all so he could watch it all later, Time and time again.Tom got on the floor and bent Matt's back over the bed. He took hold of his legs in the high in the air.And there was Matt's pink puckered hole, waiting to be invaded."You said it Ben."he bellowed,"Don't blame me if he walks bow legged for a few days."And with that he Placed his cock at his nether region. He shoved his dick, solid as stone, into Matt's ass." Damm it," Matt cried,"That feels so fucking good." Tom's cock had filled him like no one before. He could feel every ridge and every vein.Tom would ram it in all hte way to the hilt and pull all the way out again. It was the best feeling in the world. Matt tried moving his ass to match Tom's thrusts. But that was difficult because Tom had his ass off the bed. He was holding his ankles and pumping him with all his glory.Ben was getting really horny. He could see sweat dripping from tom's face and chest. His body was slick. He looked so sexy pumping his friend.He stood behind Tom, rubbing his dick against the crack of his ass and was filming all the action from over Tom's shoulder.He could see Matt's chest, in fact his entire body, moving up and down. He was being lifted off the bed with the force of Tom's fucking. He reached over his shoulders and tweaked Tom's nipples. "Fuck man,Ben, I'm gonna come soon.Oh! pinch me dude, yeaaaaah! Fuck,I'm almost there." Just then Ben pulled Tom away from Matt. He asked Matt to go on all fours so Tom could finish fucking him doggie-style.Looking at Matt on all fours sent Tom into overdrive and he banged his way into Matts' ass.Matt was screaming like a mad man."Fuck me, Fuck me,Fuck me real hard." He was shaking all over and tears were running down his face. Ben kept his camera aside and started licking Tom's balls. He sucked his entire sac into his mouth. This was enough to drive Tom to the brink."Here I come,Oh baaaby,Fuck here it is."And he unloaded Preteen Art into Matt's ass. Matt was surprised at the amount of cum he felt spurting into his ass.Some of it oozed out of the sides.He shoved his dick three or four times, draining all the spunk out of it.Then he collapsed and fell on top of Matt, all out of breath. Tom then just pulled out and lay aside."I'm bummed out,dude.Are you happy now? That was the best action I've gotten in a real long time"he said panting."You milk a cock better than..hell..better than anyone I know.""Thank you Ben. Only you could have made my day.And there I was thinking that I was gonna have a sucker of a day, and you come and make it the best damm gift I've ever got."said Matt looking at Ben with adoration. "It's not over,lover."said Ben pointing to his own erection. It ain't over till I say it is. you ready for one more round." Matt squealed with delight and got on his knees and put his ass in the air without saying a word. tom could not beileve what he was seeing. He had just banged this guy for half an hour and he still wanted more.This time he picked up the camera and said"Action, you guys are all ready to go." Ben just put his hand on Matt's hips and planted his pole inside Matts hole,letting his dick do all the talking. He relentlessly pumped him for about five minutes. Then he flipped Matt onto his back, lifted his legs onto his shoulders and started banging him real hard. His balls were slapping against Matt's ass. Setat was dripping all over his body. Seeing all this action has Tom hard in an instant.Never mind he had come just ten minutes ago. He put the camera aside and kneeling over Matt's face he shoved his dick into Matt's hungry mouth. Matt was in orgasmic heaven. He had two big dicks moving in and out of his two very wet orifices. It wasn't long before all the in and out action was sending him over the edge."I think I'm gonna cum, guys."he bellowed. Tom bent down and took his dick into his mouth, sucking it all the way in. It was like they were all connected. Ben fucking Matt's ass,Tom's cock sliding in and out of Matt's mouth and Tom munchin on Matt's cock like a high priced whore. Matt was getting the best of both ends.He had both his mouth and ass full of hard, young, virile cocks."Here it is", screamed Matt as he blasted into Tom's mouth.Matt and Tom came at he same time. Matt's load was so large he was surprised that he could handle it all. He did his best to take it all but a little spurted out of his mouth. Matt swallowed all of Tom's cum. There wasn't much as he had just spunked some time ago.But Ben was still going strong. Matt was groaning all over the place and Ben was grunting and began shoving with tremendous force. He was also kissing tom and sharing Matt's cum with him."I'm coming, It's gonna be soon.Shit!! Yeah.Unnnnnhhhh!!. Ben pulled out and let go on Matt's chest."Fuck!Yessss baby..feel it all over you." He let go long strings of cum all over Matt's chest.Matt's chest was covered with cum. Ben and Tom rubbed it all over his chest,licking it all oner and pinching his nipples at the same time. "Gawd! I fell craaazzzyyy. Thanks so much guys." And he got up and gave Ben's cock a lil kiss. He turned to Tom and kissed him full on the lips and thanked him for a wonderful evening.All of them were dead tired and they fell asleep. Matt lay between the both of them, soaking in the mingling aroma of sweat, cum and Tom's cologne and Ben's deodrant. He sighed and put his legs between Tom's thighs and snuggled his head into Ben's neck and went to sleep.Next morning,when he woke up Tom was gone. He found a single pink rose on the side table with a note that said,"Sorry, I had to leave but work beckons.Thank you for the best night ever. You're lucky to have Ben with you.Meet you soon. Luv, Tom."Matt looked over at the sleeping form of his lover and kissed hin on the eyes and nodded in silent agreement. He snuggled back to sleep. He smiled to himself knowing this he where he was at home.WITH BEN.
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